The labradorite stone: Properties, colors, meanings, healing powers, jewelry and so on

The labradorite stone: Properties, colors, meanings, healing powers

What is labradorite?

The labradorite stone is a relatively rare plagioclase feldspar, composed of a certain proportion of sodium feldspar and calcium feldspar, has a glassy luster, hardness similar to that of Feicui jadeite, colors including white, gray, brown, blue, purple and black, and is well known for its dazzling halo effect.

Where is labradorite found?

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Labradorite takes its name from the place where it was found: Labrador, Canada, where it grows in coarse grains together with hypersthene. Apart from Canada, it is also produced in the United States, Madagascar, Australia, Finland, Sicily, Norway and Ukraine.

In the United States, for example, it is mostly produced in the Warren Valley, Oregon, in Alpine, Texas, and in Moosaug County, California. Madagascar, too, produces large blocks of gem-quality labradorite. Ukraine, however, produces large amounts of poorer quality labradorite.

Labradorite properties: glassy, halo effect

Labradorite is one of the plagioclase feldspars. It is generally composed of 30% to 50% sodium feldspar and 50% to 70% calcium feldspar molecules. In addition, there can also be a small amount of potassium feldspar molecules and trace barium (less than 0.2% of BaO), strontium (less than 0.2% of SrO), iron (FeO + Fe2O3) and other impurities mixed in.

Labradorite crystals can be up to 2 meters long and are found in gabbro, saprolite, basalt, and granulite. It is often plate-shaped and has a glassy luster, hardness 6-6.5, specific gravity 2.55-2.76.

Colors of labradorite include white, gray, brown, blue, green, purple, gold, red and black, among which, blue labradorite, yellow-green labradorite and red labradorite are the best.

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The effect of labradoescence

The labradorite stone is known for its dazzling halo effect. It is so unique that we also call it “the effect of labradoescence”. To be detailed, when we play with a labradorite gemstone, we can clearly see different rainbow colors like orange, blue, green, red and yellow, flashing on its surface. This means that the color of the same area of the labradorite is constantly changing as it rotates.

This is a unique effect, caused by the fact that the sodium feldspar molecules in labradorite grow in a directional arrangement in the lattice of calcium feldspar, creating interference and diffraction of light.

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Meanings of labradorite

Labradorite means vitality and happiness. It can give off a dazzling light with strong positive energy. Wearing it regularly can dissolve sorrowful emotions, help relieve stress and tension, provide people with a positive outlook and make them happier.

Labradorite also means romantic love, as it is also called the gray moonlight and is considered to be a gift from a Greek God. It is said that wearing labradorite jewelry during the full moon helps to find love.

Healing properties of labradorite

Physical healing powers of the labradorite stone: strength and stamina

This stone is suitable for people who have poor physical strength and feel tired easily, because it has a firm and steady wavelength energy, which helps to strengthen vitality, physical strength and endurance.

Meditating with a labradorite stone in your hand can raise the frequency of the surrounding energy and open up the chakras; It also enhances the ability to see things more clearly and to avoid being misled by false information and losing sight of the truth.

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This gemstone also has a soothing effect on throat and eye discomfort, as well as on aches and pains caused by overwork or exercise.

Emotional healing powers: absorb and transform negative energy

Labradorite absorbs negative energy and transforms it completely, thus allowing us to move through the darkness and all the unpleasantness and start again in earnest. In addition, this precious stone also trigger our full potential, magically activating our self-healing centers, making us happier and giving us an unexpected sense of joy.

Use of labradorite in angel healing

The use of labradorite is highly recommended in angel therapy (one form of energy healing) as a tool for connecting with the angels and expanding the energy, especially for raising the user’s intuition and enabling him or her to see the world from the perspective of angelic eyes. In this way, the user can transcend his or her own beliefs and see things from a higher perspective.

Labradorite jewelry

Labradorite is a dreamy crystal with a colorful glow. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also has powerful physical and emotional healing properties, making it a gemstone worth having.

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Care and maintenance of labradorite jewelry

We should be careful not to wear labradorite jewelry together with other jewelry to avoid collisions, as labradorite is not very hard and is easy to be damaged.

Do not expose it to chemicals. it is recommended to take labradorite jewelry off when we do makeup or other activities so that we can avoid causing chemical damages to the labradorite. Even if it is accidentally stained, we should wipe and clean the labradorite stone as soon as possible so as not to corrode it, which would affect the beauty of the precious gemstone.

Conclusion on the labradorite stone

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