Six Ways to Improve Security at Your Retail Clothing Store 

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Shoplifting across the United States represents a loss in around 1.4% of retailer revenue – that’s a whopping $94.5 billion dollars in 2021 alone. As the owner of a clothing store or boutique, security is one detail that you simply cannot afford to skimp out on. 

In this blog, we will share our top tips on how you can improve security and safeguard your business. Keep reading to discover the most worthwhile methods…

Offer Employee Training 

Teach your employees how they should act if they suspect the store’s security is being compromised. You can’t expect them to abide by company standards if you don’t outline them or teach them how. They should learn how to identify potential shoplifters and how to react to aggressive behaviours. 

Install a Heavy Duty Safe  

Heavy duty safes can be rather expensive, however, they will help you keep losses to a minimum in the event of a robbery. To ensure the safety of your employees, you should keep security passwords and information to yourself. 

Invest in the Latest Technology 

If you want to deter the risk of future threats, your best bet is investing in the latest security technology. Companies like Genetec help retailers streamline their operations so they can work smarter, not harder. Explore new tech options such as cloud-based video management and unified security applications. 

Be Mindful of Your Store Layout 

Another way you can improve the security in your fashion business is by enhancing visibility. Create a floor plan that helps employees and customers see each other. This way, you can drive down theft by ensuring both parties are aware of their surroundings. You can even boost sales with the right kind of store layout. 

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Communicate with Every Customer 

One of the oldest tricks in the book to avoid petty theft is to approach every customer with confidence. When you walk up to someone and strike up a conversation, they are less likely to engage in any shoplifting. This is because they feel seen and fear they may be recognised if they do engage in a crime. 

Purchase an Insurance Policy 

At the end of the day, you can prepare all you want, but you’re still at risk. Unfortunately, crime and security threats are normal parts of doing business. Therefore, you should always invest in the financial wellbeing of your company and purchase an insurance policy. For example, if you experience a burglary, your insurance policy can cover the cost of the goods lost as well as the damages to your store. 

You may not be able to physically protect your store at all times, but you don’t have to! Thanks to the wide range of security options at your disposal, you can make the most of technology and what it has to offer. If something does occur, it’s important you have a backup plan in place. We recommend you purchase an insurance policy to help protect your store through any unexpected circumstances. 

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