Starting a Fashion eCommerce Business? Follow These 4 Proven Strategies

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The fashion industry is expanding astoundingly. According to Statista, it is one of the largest B2C eCommerce market segments. In the past few years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has grown rapidly, and it is expected to grow more and more each year.

However, running a fashion eCommerce business comes with a wide variety of obstacles, and overcoming them will bring you a lot of benefits. Here are the top four strategies that can help you optimize your store and outperform the competition

Use apparel software

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Companies that are in clothing manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling need to synchronize their operations, reduce costs, and have their data collected in one place. That is why using an apparel software tool is important. This is an all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary features into one platform.

With software like this, where everything is in one place, you won’t have to choose between tools and wonder if it’s compatible with your current system. Assembling all data in a single platform makes the information more approachable. Things will go much more smoothly, meaning you will save time and make a profit more quickly.

Simplification of order and return and managing and tracking enables better communication between departments. Also, shipping, tracking, and other ordering actions are handled effortlessly. Automation decreases human mistakes significantly, and this results in improving customer experience.

Transparency and visibility are also the traits of using apparel software. Keeping everything clear and easy to navigate means that there are no delays. Everyone in the company has access to data that they need and accounting won’t be so confusing anymore with everything perfectly organized.

Offer a great customer experience

Getting to know your customers and offering them what they need is crucial for a great customer experience. Your fashion eCommerce store has to be easy to navigate and everything should be available with just a few clicks. 

A customer should feel excited and comfortable when buying from your brand, and you’ll get there when you make everything accessible and increase trust. Your delivery/return packages have to be simple enough to result in a purchase. Make sure that you handle all questions and be available to your customers at all times.

A live chat tool can improve your communication as well. To avoid too many questions, offer as much information as possible. Details about sizes, dimensions, and photographs taken from many angles are a requirement.

Additionally, connect with a secure payment processor so that your customers feel safe when entering their credit card details on your website.

Finally, if you don’t have a customer service team, you can always seek a customer service outsourcing partner. Having trusted professionals manage your customer service allows you to focus on growing your business.

Ask for feedback

When shopping online, people tend to do research about a product before buying it by reading feedback and gathering information about the brand. A great user experience, as well as positive reviews and ratings, influence the decision in most cases.

Consumers place as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. Reading up reviews has become part of everyday shopping and it’s shown that fifty reviews per product increase the conversion rate by 4-5%. 

Don’t wait for customers to leave the reviews themselves. Instead, feel free to ask for feedback and show appreciation when you receive it, both good and bad.

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Negative feedback is useful because you’ll know when to act and what to improve. Customer reviews are a key to every successful business journey, they assist you in answering questions, and witness your brand quality and style.

Don’t worry about negative reviews, as a company that only has positive ones doesn’t feel genuine and customers may suspect that it’s fake.

Consider influencer marketing

Influencers are always trending on social media platforms, so implementing them into your brand will boost your sales engagement in no time. First, you need to think about what story your brand tells, your values, and your target audience.

Clarifying that to the influencers you wish to work with is crucial if you want them to pass your message clearly to their followers. Know your target group and your ideal customers, and use that when searching for an influencer that will fit your brand perfectly. 

The main goal here is to increase sales and the number of clicks to your website. The influencer may benefit as well, as their job is to collaborate with certain brands and advertise products that they use and appreciate. Use unique links for every influencer, and offer discounts and promotions.

Final thoughts

Creating a great website is the key to starting a fashion eCommerce business, but it’s just a start. Following these strategies will help you understand your customers better, speed up your daily processes and help you operate smoothly.

The goal is to optimize your fashion store and take full advantage of what technology has to offer. Strive for success, always improve, and don’t forget to ask for feedback.

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