The 4 Best “Male” Hobbies Women Should Start

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When it comes to hobbies in life, it is a sad state of affairs when we are still compartmentalizing them. Some people still believe that there are hobbies exclusively for men, and those more “dainty” ones are female-oriented. Hobbies like starting a blog can still seem like an exclusively female hobby, but for those women in life that want to feel a greater sense of activism and embrace their inner Meghan Markle or Emmeline Pankhurst, the reality is that we’ve got to show up at these events where men are dominating. Here are some of the best “male” hobbies that we should all get stuck into.

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It is a sad state of affairs when we still associate guns with men, but while there have been some female trailblazers in popular culture that knew how to wield a weapon, for example, Ellen Ripley in Aliens, the fact is that we still don’t see many women at a shooting range, in paintball, or Airsoft. The great thing is that a hobby like this is a fashion choice all in itself. 

There are a lot of accessories you can use, for example, plate carriers, magazine pouches, and OWB (outside the waistband) holsters. Looking for the best OWB holster is pretty straightforward because there’s an abundance of them. But don’t think that you need to get involved with the fashion side of things in order to wield a weapon! 

There are plenty of benefits to actually going on a shooting range, for example, increasing your focus and helping you stay calm in stressful situations, and the fact that you showing up to an environment dominated by men will send a very solid middle finger to the males!


It is something that may not have crossed your radar, quite possibly because your grandfather was always out on the boat! But there are a number of fantastic reasons why we should take up fishing, for example, it can keep us calm, and get us closer to family and friends, but it also means you start to increase your physical strength because of the effort involved in reeling in a fish. 

But the fact is that, whether you are a parent, or you feel overwhelmed by what life has to throw at you on a regular basis, fishing is one of those habits that could make a massive difference in your entire outlook. Fishing is one of those things that fathers and sons used to bond together. Perhaps it’s now time for us to use fishing as a way to bond with our children.


While there are more women playing golf these days, there are still plenty of us that think we should stay away from this old fuddy-duddy type sport. But you have got to think back to people like Katharine Hepburn, who was a major trailblazer that turned up at golf courses wearing trousers at a time when it was frowned upon! If you are looking for a hobby, golf can do a lot for your physical strength, and your sense of calmness, and, much like fishing, it can give you major rewards for such a solitary practice. 

Golfing is one of those pastimes that gets you up and about, which can make a massive difference to your health in the long run. But in addition, golfing is a very sacred sport that demands time and effort. Some people who love golf find it becomes the backbone of their existence, and they can’t wait to get down to the green first thing in the morning.

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There are women boxers and women MMA fighters, but it’s so important to remember that it is still a male-dominated sector. Go down to your local boxing gym, and you may find that there are still a variety of old-fashioned boxing coaches that would refuse to train women! Not that we’re encouraging you to go to these places, but if you really want to stick it to those people who still believe that women shouldn’t dare wrap up, you can get a lot of benefits from this type of sport. 

Boxing is a fantastic endurance sport, cardiovascular workout, and strength builder all in one! Boxing will also make you feel tougher in yourself. That notion of mental toughness is important, and if we feel like we can handle ourselves, this could be all we need to change our attitudes toward ourselves.

There are still male-dominated hobbies around, so perhaps it’s time for us to push for our place at the table!

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