The Steps To Correctly Package Orders For Delivery

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Whether you’re running a small-scale e-commerce store or growing an already established brand, it’s crucial to package orders correctly for shipping to keep your customers happy. If you don’t, customer retention will become a growing concern for your business. 

Typically, the longer the transit distance, the higher the risk of damage to products. As a result, superior packaging will protect orders from damage and ensure customers receive their goods in great condition. Packaging orders correctly will also ensure you’re not constantly faced with cost losses due to order replacements and disgruntled customers.

Beyond packaging practice, it’s also essential to rely on a reputable courier service; otherwise, orders might endure damage due to negligence. So, it’s best to look into and other reputable delivery services. 

Nevertheless, let’s delve into the correct steps to package orders properly.

Choose Quality Packaging Materials

Before you can start placing products in boxes and adding filler, it’s crucial to choose suitable packaging materials while prioritizing quality. 

Corrugated boxes are an excellent choice because this material provides an extra protective cushion for box contents. These boxes are also durable, cost-effective, and practical. Moreover, corrugated boxes are available in an assortment of sizes. 

Besides boxes, you’ll also need filler material like bubble wrap or an eco-friendly alternative like biodegradable air peanuts, air pillows, or mushroom packaging. Durable box tape is also essential to seal up the boxes. 

Choose The Right Box Size

Now that you have all the right packaging materials, select the correct size box for the order. The product must fit inside the box without too much extra room. Moreover, it shouldn’t be too squashed in the box either. 

Add Cushioning Material

Next, fill in the spaces with your choice of cushioning material. Whether you choose biodegradable air peanuts, mushroom packaging, or even bubble wrap, be sure to use enough cushioning material to ensure the product cannot move inside the box. 

It’s wise to have cushioning material completely surrounding the product to reduce the risk of damage to the order. 

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Tape Box Seams Closed

Once you’re sure the product inside is cushioned for absolute protection, use a durable box tape to tape down all the seams of the box closed. 

Avoid only taping the top of the box closed because corrugated boxes can split open pretty quickly, especially if the contents are somewhat heavy. So, tape all the box seams closed.

Add Relevant Labels

Now that your order is packed, you’ll need to add relevant labels and information for the courier service and the customer. 

The collection and delivery address must be clearly stated on a waybill provided by your choice of courier service. The waybill will typically require the type of delivery, box dimensions, and weight as well. If you experience any confusion with this, refer to your couriers’ website or consult their customer care for assistance. 

It’s also wise to add a label that boasts your company’s brand so that your customer can identify their order when it arrives. 

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