Top Marketing Hacks To Boost Business Performance

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Revamping, updating and improving your marketing strategy is often an effective way to boost the performance of your business. If you’re looking to attract new clients, improve customer retention rates and increase sales, it’s beneficial to invest time, effort and energy in promoting your brand and marketing products and services. In this guide, we’ll outline some top marketing hacks to help you take your company to the next level. 

Define your target buyer

The most important golden rule to follow when drawing up a marketing strategy or a new campaign is to define your target buyer. Who are you looking to reach? Once you have an ideal customer in mind, you can tailor every aspect of the campaign to maximize the chances of making sales, building strong relationships and encouraging brand loyalty. Use market research to learn more about key demographics and get to know prospective clients through surveys, interviews, online polls, social media and focus groups. Your strategy should focus on the target audience and creating high-quality leads. 

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Embrace local SEO

Local SEO has become increasingly influential for businesses across all sectors in the last five years. More than half of online traffic now has a local focus and over 86% of web users will contact or visit a company within 24 hours of doing a local search on their smartphone. Even if you are a national or international brand, it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance and value of local SEO. Optimize content, use local keyword ranking reports and analytics and take advantage of directories, apps and platforms that advertise local businesses. Consumers will often add a location or area to their search query even if they’re searching for products or services that are widely available. If you embrace local SEO, you can capitalize on this growing trend.

Choose the right platforms and content types

One of the most important reasons to define your target customer clearly is to ensure that you choose the right marketing techniques, platforms and content types. Your campaigns should reach the relevant audiences and the content you create and share should appeal to them. Use the findings of market research and customer feedback to select platforms and marketing methods that will enable you to create leads that have a high chance of conversion and interact and engage with prospective clients. Using stories, video clips and reels on Instagram, for example, is a brilliant way to connect with customers aged between 16 and 40 who like to shop online and follow brands on social media. 

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Share reviews and positive feedback

More than 90% of people use reviews to help them make purchases or choose businesses. Glowing reviews enhance brand image and reputation and they push consumers to choose one brand over another. If you have a high review score, or you’ve received brilliant feedback, share this information on your website and social channels. 

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Marketing can be hugely influential when it comes to creating leads, making sales and attracting customers. If you’re keen to enhance performance levels, it’s wise to consider revamping and improving your marketing strategy. Always ensure that you have a target client in mind, use market research and data analysis to inform decision-making and embrace local SEO. Choose the right marketing methods and platforms and share positive reviews and feedback. 

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