14 practical Parisian decor rules to add style to your home

14 practical Parisian decor rules to add style to your home

What is Parisian-style decor?

Apartments in Paris may be too small for many, but the Parisian decor style is generally considered pleasing. In addition, Parisians have a preference for vintage, especially old carpets, vintage tables, and chairs.

Compared to the minimalist interior design style, the typical Parisian decor style is retro and elegant with a casual touch, like the Parisian dressing style.

In Paris, where housing prices are high, even bloggers’ homes are not particularly large, but they do follow the French decor style. Elegant, retro, and artistically attractive.

Let’s look at the 14 key Parisian decor tips that would add French style to your home.

14 practical Parisian decor elements

1. Carved moulding (moulures)

The first time you see a quintessential Parisian home, you will notice the gorgeous carved mouldings, on the walls, on the ceiling, on the door…

These decorations are very elegant, and the carvings make them look even more exquisite. They are very typical French interior designs.

2. Morandi-colored walls

Morandi colors refer to a muted and pale color palette, which is not bright as if covered with a layer of gray tone. They are considered elegant and soothing.

Many French fashion bloggers have a Morandi-colored wall—for example, a green wall with gray tones. Whether you choose to apply Morandi colors to a room, a whole wall, or half a wall, it brings your home peace and quiet.

3. Parquet wood floors

Wooden floors with natural textures are the French’s favorite way to decorate the floors. Layered parquet designs make them look retro and elegant.

One of the most traditional patterns is the herringbone parquet. It originated in France in the 16th century and the blocks are usually arranged at a 90° angle to form a V-shape.

Even after being used for a long time, the parquet flooring still creates a lovely nostalgic atmosphere, which goes well with the antique furniture that the French love.

4. Carpet

Carpets and wooden floors go well together and are one of Parisian’s favorite home décor items. Whether it features a simple geometric pattern or a retro print style, carpets make you feel warm and comfortable at home.

5. Velvet sofa

Compared with sofas made of other materials, velvet sofas are more beautiful, comfortable, and gorgeous. As the most eye-catching item in the living room, the sofa needs to be carefully selected.

Many Parisian fashion bloggers have opted for velvet sofas. The texture of velvet is different from ordinary fabrics. It is soft and thick and has a glossy texture, which makes it very luxurious and elegant.

6. Geometric lighting fixtures

When it comes to the most “Nordic-style” furniture in Parisian homes, it must be the lighting. Parisians tend to choose geometric-shaped lamps and lighting fixtures to add artistic interest to the room.

7. Fireplace

A fireplace is not only a device for heating but also a very important decoration in a Parisian-style home. Intricate carvings make the fireplace look even more elegant and gorgeous.

Complementing the fireplace is a mirror in the same style. If you light candles in front of the mirror, it will reflect the fire and make the whole space brighter and more comfortable.

Many Parisian fashion bloggers have a fireplace in their homes. They are very fond of taking pictures in front of it. They also like to put various flowers, plants, and fragrances in front of the fireplace mirror, which seems to be a little messy but has its own charm.

14 Practical Parisian Decor Rules To Add Style To Your Home

8. Decorative paintings

Decorative paintings have always been an important and common element to furnish a space. Parisians like to buy a lot of decorative paintings for their homes. Abstract paintings and portraits are two of the most popular genres.

In addition to hanging the paintings on the wall, they also like to lean the paintings on the partitions, bedside tables, or the ground to create a casual vibe.

9. Fresh and dried flowers

Paris is located in the middle of the basin and has a mild maritime climate. There is no severe heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. All kinds of flowers bloom all year round.

For Parisians, buying flowers is not an occasional ritual, but more of a daily routine.

Bloggers have flowers in their homes all year round. There are flowers in the fireplace, on the cabinets, on the shelves, and even on the ground. Many flowers are not placed in delicate vases, but in bottles and jars.

In addition to fresh flowers that need to be changed frequently, dried flowers are also very popular. They go well with antique furniture.

10. Vases

A vase is not just a container for flowers. Parisians often choose vases with an eye for art. Even without flowers, a vase is still a beautiful piece of art in your home.

11. Fragrance

It is said that in France, you can roughly judge the taste of a gentleman or a lady by perfume. Indeed, in Parisian homes, the fragrance is indispensable.

Scented candles, essential oils, perfumes… All kinds of fragrances are common items. They are usually placed on the floor by the fireplace, by the bedside, etc.

12. Gold framed mirror

One of the most indispensable things for Parisian fashion bloggers is a retro gold framed mirror.

With luxurious texture and retro carvings, the gold-framed mirror looks gorgeous and chic. It is also one of the representative items of French home decor.

13. Bamboo and rattan furniture

French are very fond of bamboo and rattan products. We can see this from the various types of woven rattan chairs used in street cafes. Of course, we can also see the bamboo bags that almost every French blogger has.

Indeed, woven rattan chairs are suited for an eclectic space in need of a trendy piece or a free-spirited living area. They fit the French slow and purposeful lifestyle very well.

In addition to chairs, Parisian bloggers also have a variety of rattan mirrors, which are perfect as decorative mirrors in your natural, traditional, or rustic-styled space.

14. Balcony

When it comes to the features of Parisian architecture, one of them must be balconies. Some have very small overhangs and look very miniature.

But regardless of size, they are often decorated with intricate and delicate Baroque engravings, a distinctly Parisian decor style.

Parisian fashion bloggers are also particularly fond of taking pictures on their own balconies. A great view from the balcony is a wonderful background for the photos.


It is a wonderful thing to add the style you like to your home. If you also like the Parisian decor style, you can draw inspiration from our suggestions above to furnish your home.

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