The mystery about the black sapphire: What is a black sapphire and should I buy one?

The mystery about the black sapphire: What is a black sapphire and should I buy one?

The black sapphire is by far one of the most fascinating gems that exist in nature. Though there are many other colors of sapphire, black is without a doubt the most mysterious variety for good reasons.

In this article, we will talk about what is a black sapphire, how much it is worth and if you should buy one for your jewelry collection. Enjoy!

What is a black sapphire?

The black sapphire is a variety of sapphire, whose color is black instead of the typical blue. In fact, the word “sapphire” comes from the Greek word for blue and refers to the bluish-purple color of these gems.

Black sapphire properties

Black sapphire is a type of sapphire that has been named specifically because of its black color. There are also other types of stones which are known to possess similar characteristics, like black onyx, black spinel and black diamond, and they are at times mistaken for black sapphires.

It is made of corundum and is the hardest natural substance (9 on the Mohs scale of hardness) after diamonds and the extremely rare gem moissanite.

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Sapphire colors

What color is black sapphire? Though most people think sapphires are blue, a sapphire can be any color but red. Black sapphires have a color range from charcoal to deep black, with the best stones being very dark.

Besides a limited range of main colors, the black sapphire often has hues of blue, purple, and even sometimes orange seen within the stone.

The stone is often opaque, and the luster can range from sub-metallic to vitreous.


Black sapphires are found in various sizes, with some of the largest ever mined coming from Australia. Most of the sapphires that are said to be truly black are mined in Eastern Australia.


This beautiful stone forms in a variety of different crystal structures, among all of which a hexagonal crystal system is most common. The typical crystals that form in this system are known as “lonsdaleite”.


Black sapphires are sometimes cut in briolette cabochons. This cutting technique will help to prevent less-desirable colors and patterns from being seen in the jewelry works. Many black sapphires contain inclusions too, which are often bubble-like in nature.

Origins of the black sapphire stone

Most black sapphires exist in nature, though synthetic ones do exist as well. The best black sapphires are mined in Australia, with the Gabriola mine being an especially famous mine for producing some of the world’s best stones.

Many large black sapphires are also mined in Thailand, which is known to be a good source for them. Some of the finest large and extremely dark purple-black sapphires come from that area.

Imitation black sapphire

Imitation black sapphire is easier to come by, and commonly found in jewelry stores. These stones often have similar characteristics to real black sapphires, but their color is not nearly as dark. In many cases, they are also less transparent and more prone to have inclusions.

History and legends

This mysterious stone has been very popular for years, though the highly sought after ones are the charcoal black sapphires. These stones have been used in jewelry since at least the 4th century B.C., and are still used today to make unique pieces of jewelry.

According to Greek legends, black sapphire is created by the gods, and has the power to cure disease. The most common example of this is eye ailments, as black sapphires are said to aid with night-blindness.

In some parts of India, it is believed that black sapphire can be used in healing rituals to help achieve happiness and purity. Black sapphire is also known as “African Jade”, due to their similar looks and colors.

The mystery about the black sapphire: What is a black sapphire and should I buy one?

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How do I evaluate the value of a black sapphire?

The value of a black sapphire is based on several factors, though the most important ones are the formation and color of the gemstone.

Generally speaking, the darker the color, the better; and the more opaque and flawless the stone is, the greater its value will be. The presence of inclusions will lower its value, slightly depending on their size, visibility and number.

In terms of prices, sapphires can range from $25 to over $10,000 per carrot, and require visual analysis from an expert jeweler. Black sapphire is less expensive than black star sapphire, which is a rarer material only sourced in a few key parts of the world.

Black sapphire vs black star sapphire

What is black star sapphire? Black star sapphire is the rarest type of sapphire, usually found in shades of charcoal to deep black, with some rare purple-black stones being found as well. They are often opaque, and have a number of inclusions present within them.

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The biggest difference between black sapphire and black star sapphire is that the black star sapphire displays asterism while black sapphire does not. An asterism is a star-shaped concentration of light from a gemstone. It can be described as a six-pointed star, a semicircle with 6 rays.

Black star sapphire is much more valuable than black sapphire because the former is only found in a few areas around the world. They are found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Nigeria the most often. Sri Lanka is by far the best location for finding them, and they have been mined there for many years.

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Should I buy a black sapphire?

People are naturally drawn to this mysterious stone, as it is unique in its own way. In fact, since black sapphire are an affordable alternative to black diamonds or black star sapphire, and they are more durable (9 on the Mohs scale, the hardest natural substance after diamonds) than black onyx (6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale), they are very popular today and make a great purchase.

Where to buy black sapphire?

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If you want to buy a black sapphire stone and black sapphire jewelry ranging from $0.5-$200, you can check Etsy.

You can buy a raw black sapphire stone, black sapphire beads or black sapphire jewelry, like a black sapphire engagement ring, a black star sapphire ring, a black sapphire necklace that are affordable and of high quality and have them delivered to your house fast.

Alternatively, if you want to buy high end black sapphire jewelry ranging from $100-$2000, you can check Farfetch.

They have luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Boucheron, Cartier, Chopard, David Morris, De Beers as well as designer brands that are unique and less well-known. You can also have all the products delivered to your home.

Black sapphire meanings

Black sapphire is a gemstone that has been associated with different types of symbolism in different cultures.

In India, it is thought to represent the sun, as well as power and strength, due to its dark color. It is used in religious practices around the world, such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

In Australian Aboriginal cultures, black sapphire means good luck and protection due to its mythical origins. Many people wear black sapphires in everyday life for peace and harmony.

Black sapphire healing properties

Black sapphire is known for its healing properties. Physical benefits include soothing and calming nerves and therefore it is regarded a great stone for meditation.

Mental benefits include bringing peace to a wearer’s life, promoting clarity of thought and speech and protecting the owner against negativity or curses, and helping travelers to find their way in the world.

In terms of spiritual healing properties, black sapphire is believed to be a stone that can help the owner to get through any difficulties or issues they are having at the time, and to result in a heightened awareness of life.

Final thoughts

The beauty and value of this stone makes it a worthwhile investment if you’re considering purchasing one. Its unique symbolism makes it even more precious. Generally speaking, black sapphire is an excellent gemstone to wear if you really want to stand out in a crowd.

Lastly, we hope this article has given you the insight you need. Feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published.

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