Digital Transformation Tips For Businesses In 2023

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The world is changing as we know it and nowadays, a lot of businesses exist on the internet exclusively. Some have a hybrid mix of the two and there are new startups and companies that are completely digital from the beginning.

Digital transformation is something that continues to grow in popularity amongst businesses across the globe. With digital transformation and focus on customer experience, it can help a business generate a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction. It can also help to provide economic gains of up to 20-50%.

If that is enough to convince a business to go digital in 2023, then here are some top tips for transforming a business digitally.


Focus on customer-centric delivery

When it comes to digital transformation, a lot of the focus needs to be on the customer. Customer-centric delivery is essential when it comes to running a digital business, whether it’s hybrid in nature or fully digital.

Digital technology has had a big influence on how consumers behave and their habits when it comes to making purchases and navigating through life. New digital technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation have all made significant changes to society.

As a result, there’s a need and demand from customers to get the best experience possible. They want what they want, immediately and expect only the best. As a business, switching to a digital environment means there’s a shift in how customers are approached, interacted with, etc.

Think about what is being offered to customers currently and how digital transformation for the business, can help elevate their experiences for the better.

Incorporate a top-tier customer support service

Customer support services are crucial in this day and age. With a digital-led society demanding and expecting more, a lack of customer support won’t cut it.

Even for those businesses that are in a niche area and perhaps have few competitors on the market, a lack of customer support can be damaging.

If the business hasn’t focused on customer support services for a long time, then this needs to change. There are lots of customers out there that will benefit from having the use of chatbots and 24/7 support services available through email or phone.

Without these services in place, it’s very easy nowadays for a customer to find a better company elsewhere that offers the same quality of products or services, with a top-tier support service to boot.

Look at upgrading the current business website

One of the major updates that need to come with a digital transformation for business is the website. A website serves as the face of the company and as such, should be informative and engaging for the customer.

Not only does it provide a source of knowledge for new customers, but it should also provide a user-friendly experience that is fuss-free. Agencies like Digital Silk web design company can provide professional websites for businesses.

Think about upgrading the current business website. Some businesses that designed their website some five or six years ago, will now find that this web design has likely gone out of date. Providing a high-tech, user-responsive web design is a necessary investment that can make all the difference to a business and its success. Providing a high-tech, user-responsive web design is a necessary investment that can make all the difference to a business and its success, particularly in the competitive market of Tampa web design.

Get acquainted with social media platforms

Social media has become a powerhouse for many who are looking to utilize these platforms for further exposure and reach. 

When it comes to digital transformation, social media plays a big role in that transformation. With that in mind, it’s useful to try and get on board with as many social media platforms as possible. Not all of them may be appropriate for the brand but most of them can provide some form of reach for the company.

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In a market where competition is tough for any industry, it’s important to get the business involved with as much social media activity as possible.

Talking of social media, the website comes under that umbrella of focus. Outsourcing help from SEO companies and social media agencies can be extremely effective when it comes to marketing. An SEO agency like might be just what’s needed to get the business out there for everyone to see.

See Also

Enable remote and flexible working

As a business, remote and flexible working is a must in a post-pandemic environment. Many businesses have changed the way it runs their organization on a daily basis to cater to a digitally-driven world.

The pandemic proved to many businesses that remote working was possible without it compromising the company’s success.

During a digital transformation, it’s worth understanding the scope that’s possible for the business to operate remotely and what parts of the business need a physical space to work from.

A company that offers remote and flexible working, will likely draw in a lot more interest from future hires.

Digitize any existing physical documents

Businesses that have rooms or storage units full of physical documents should start the process of digitizing these documents. There’s less need for paper documents nowadays and many companies find themselves going paperless as they digitize their business in general. One way to initiate this digitalization is to equip your business with custom Tableau Software to help your employees move their reports and data through a platform everyone can see and access. This great innovation can empower your business and employees to manage data exploration and ultimately build a paperless environment.

This may be a long process for many but it can certainly be helpful to free up office space and creates a more organized environment in general. For example, you can slowly upload your documents and use a best tool for merging PDFs on your computer. This will make it much easier to keep similar documents together.

Train employees and get everyone on board

Finally, in order to help with the process of digital transformation, it’s worthwhile looking at training employees to get used to this new way of working. Not all employees will be familiar with a digital-heavy world and so easing them in with a detailed onboarding process can be helpful.

Digital transformation is a worthwhile journey worth taking for any business that finds itself a little outdated in comparison to new companies starting up in a digital era.

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