What are Capricorn birthstones and what do they mean?

What are Capricorn birthstones and what do they mean?

Birthstones are the guardians of destiny, which bless our health, bring us good luck, and can also be made into beautiful jewelry. Do you know what are Capricorn birthstones? And what are their properties and powers? Let’s find out in this article!

What are Capricorn birthstones and what do they mean? 1
  • Birth date: December 22- January 20
  • Zodiac symbol: Sea goat
  • Sign Ruler: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Capricorn Personality: calm, diligent, introverted, responsible, with an excessive perseverance and a strong will
  • Capricorn Birthstones: Garnet, agate, lapis lazuli, onyx, ruby, sapphire, topaz, turquoise

Personality traits of Capricorn

Capricorn, born in the winter, is a very calm and diligent sign. They are mature, steady, down-to-earth, very planned, patient, with great perseverance and a strong will to do what needs to be done.

They are very career-minded, well organized and hard working, and make good leaders.

Like other earth signs, Capricorns are introverted, conservative, stubborn, not good at change and not romantic. They have their own way of expressing feelings, not the warmest, but certainly the most thoughtful.

Capricorns are very responsible people. Whether it is about work or family, they will take their responsibilities, and strive to do their best.

Capricorn birthstones: Garnet, agate, lapis lazuli, onyx, ruby, sapphire, topaz, turquoise


Garnet has been one of the most valued gems on the planet for thousands of years. It is relatively hard, has a very broad color variety, although red is by far the most common. Based on chemical compositions, there are six species of garnets that are recognized, including Andradite, Grossularite, Spessarite, Pyrope, Uvarovite and Almandine.

Even today, with its rich, intense, and enduring colors and symbolic importance, the garnet is a beautiful gemstone that hides many more unique qualities behind its pretty appearance.

Garnet birthstone symbolizes power and strength of the wearer, and is known for bringing peace, good health and prosperity in the lives of people and homes.

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There exist many colors of agate, including red, black, green, gray, and among them, gray agate has always been popular. Natural gray agate has a glassy and oily luster, brilliant and gradient color, smooth texture, pure and fine.

Agate has strong energy and healing powers. People in ancient times used to wear agate as an amulet against epilepsy and nerve disorders.

Nowadays it is believed that agate strengthens courage, endurance, and determination, and that it clears the mind, helps to change our focus, and makes our life more productive.

Lapis lazuli

Throughout human history, you may have heard several citations on lapis lazuli and stunning jewelry made from this crystal. It dates back to over 6000 years and consists of two primary minerals- Lazurite and Calcite.

This blue gem is scarce, intriguing and very powerful. Lapis lazuli has been used since time immemorial as a protector of harmful energies and a key to unlock all our spiritual, mental and physical potential.

Lapis lazuli is perfect for meditation. It is able to guide meditation along the highest path of self-awareness. Place this blue gem in your right hand and press hard to help relax your body and mind by balancing both positive and negative energies within yourself.


Onyx was already popular in ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, archaeologists have discovered uses of red onyx in the Cretan art of the Minoan civilization, especially in the finds of Knossos.

Onyx is available in different shades, ranging from white to black. But now the word onyx usually refers to black onyx, which is often used in jewelry, giving the wearer an elegant and dignified look.

This gemstone has a calming effect on the mind, protecting us from nightmares, eliminating unwanted fantasies and wavering thoughts, making it a source of strength and serenity.

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Ruby is one of the five internationally recognized precious stones (diamonds, rubis, sapphires, emeralds and opals).

The durability of ruby is mainly due to its excellent hardness and high temperature resistance. Ruby has a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamonds, and is the second hardest substance in nature.

The hot red color of ruby makes people always associate it with passion and love, known as the stone of love, symbolizing the passion, the beauty, eternity and steadfastness of love. At European royal weddings, rubies are still seen as a witness to marriage.

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The word sapphire comes from the Greek sappheiros, which referred to the startling and rich blue color most people associate with the sapphire. It has been worn as a guard against illness and envy and to safeguard travelers.

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A sapphire is made of corundum, which is the hardest natural substance after diamonds. It has a vitreous and or glassy luster, and is transparent to translucent and has a strong pleochroism. Though most people think sapphires are blue, a sapphire can be any color but red.

Like so many other types of crystals, the sapphire comes with its own meanings. It’s the September birthstone and the gift for the 45th wedding anniversary. The sapphire is a stone of wisdom.

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Topaz is a gemstone for the sixteenth anniversary of marriage. It symbolizes friendship and happiness.

It is hard, has a high degree of transparency, a good reflective effect and really beautiful colors; there it has been popular for a long time. A typical topaz is yellow or burgundy, other colors including blue, white, gray and green and transparent.

Currently it is believed that topaz can be worn as an amulet to eliminate sorrow and increase confidence; Wearing it as a pendant is said to help make us emotionally stable, and avoid nightmares.

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Turquoise is one of the most popular gems because of its beautiful color and magnificent patterns. Natural turquoise mainly has a sky- blue color, so typical that it becomes a standard color – turquoise blue. Apart from sky blue, we see also green, yellow and gray.

Used to decorate the domes of mosques in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Central Asia and Russia, clergy believed this stone represented the origins of heaven and gifts God sent to earth.

Turquoise comes with the promise of good luck, protection and gives the wearer the ability to predict danger ahead. It is a stone of healing, with a powerfully encouraging energy prompting your toward self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.

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Conclusion on Capricorn birthstones

Thank you for reading this article on Capricorn birthstones, I hope it helps you get the information needed. Feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published: What are zodiac birthstones and their meanings? Here is a complete list that you need.

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