Why and how to build your own stacked wedding rings? With recommended looks

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Stacked wedding rings are made up of two or more rings on top of each other, different from a traditional bridal set that consists of one wedding band and one engagement ring.

The idea behind the design is that the stacked wedding rings symbolize togetherness and commitment to one another and unity in marriage. Stacked wedding ring sets can be made with different metals like gold or platinum; they’re also available in a variety of widths, colors, and stones.

Stacked wedding rings are perfect for someone who wants something outside the norm but isn’t sure if they want to commit to three rings or just two.

The stacked wedding rings are sometimes matching by following a specific pattern, but often there are mismatched stacked wedding bands too, which is built for a more unique bridal look.

Mismatched stacked wedding rings are built when different styles of wedding bands are worn on top of one another, usually with the thinner ring on top and the wider band underneath.

The idea behind mismatched stacked wedding rings is that it can allow both partners in a relationship to have an equal say in what their rings look like without spending as much money.

Mismatched stacked wedding bands are popular for couples that want to mix and match their jewelry.

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Why are stacked wedding rings popular?

Stacked wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with millennials.

Given that we live in a generation where we want everything to be unique and different from the norm, it’s no wonder why this style has become so popular.

In addition, they look fabulous together. They are modern, and versatile. You can wear the stacked ring set together or separately as you wish.

Another big factor is money. Stacking is a great way to still have a unique look without going overboard with the expense for those who want a variety of looks but can’t afford several rings. It is perfect for those who desire something totally their own without spending too much money.

Among all these prevailing trends like chunky stacked wedding rings, simple stacked wedding rings and mixed metal stacked wedding, mismatched stacked wedding bands are especially popular with couples who want to mix and match their jewelry and stand out from the crowd.

It’s all about personal preferences in the end.

How to choose stacked wedding rings?

Choosing stacked wedding bands might be a little more complicated than selecting a standard set of rings, as multiple rings need to complement one another, go well as a whole and become aesthetically pleasing and appealing.

Some of the primary elements you might want to pay attention to include:

1. Start with an odd number of rings

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The first thing you need to consider is how many rings you will be wearing. An engagement ring and the wedding bands are usually worn together. So 2 would be great.

But both men and women can wear two or more rings like this, even though it is much more common for women to do so than men.

Quantity wise, it is recommended to start with an odd number. For example, 3 would be great: 2 wedding rings and 1 engagement ring worn symmetrically.

2. Clash of style

Remember that stacked rings are all about complementing your overall look together. If you have something in mind for an engagement ring, choose wedding rings that go well with it, so they fit seamlessly together.

It is usually best to go for a traditional look, especially if you have an engagement ring that looks ornate or unique. It means that you can then add in some neutral-looking stacked rings to make a subtle statement.

Why and how to build your own stacked wedding rings?

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Otherwise, decide which style/metal/color you want before getting anything else because this will affect how everything looks when worn all at once.

A good idea for anyone creating a stacked wedding ring set is to make the engagement ring the central focus and then add wedding bands around this or on either side of it.

The great thing about this look is that you get the sense of a complete look as well as the added details and interests that come from mixing and matching different rings.

For example, if you want or have an engagament ring with very colorful stones, then consider stacked wedding bands with fewer embellishments, so the colors pop out instead of looking cluttered or busy.

3. Matching or mismatched stacked wedding bands?

Depending on your mood, you can wear a set of different rings with contrasting effects or similar rings for harmony.

The options are matching or mismatched. Matching rings have similar styles, metals and carats or gemstones if it’s a stone. Mismatched stacked wedding bands have different styles, metals or stones from each other.

If you’re going for a mismatched look, then stack your engagement ring on top with however many wedding bands beneath it that you want.

Otherwise, try to arrange your rings symmetrically.

3.1. Matching metal bands for a more traditional look

It is the most common type of stacked wedding rings where the rings are made from the same material and have the same design and similar gemstones.

These bands can be plain or can look very ornate depending on your choice of setting, but often it is best to stick with traditional options so that these sit well with your engagement ring.

3.2. Different metals add a bit of interest

One way to add a bit of interest to your wedding ring set is to have one or two bands made from a different material. For example, you might choose silver and gold-colored bands, either plain or have a pattern engraved onto the outside.

3.3. Different colored gemstones adds a touch of luxury

A new idea that has become popular over the last few years is to have different colored gems on each band. It might include diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, and the number of stones can vary depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Using different gemstones adds a touch of luxury to your jewelry and makes it look more attractive when worn.

4. Materials

Stacked wedding bands can be made of different materials. There are popular options like tungsten, white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. You can also find mixed metal stacked wedding rings;

However, these stacked wedding rings only look the best because they create a cohesive look with nothing clashing against each other.

This is especially true when you want to match an engagement ring with different metals.

For example, white and yellow gold look great together. Alternating rose gold on top of a sterling silver baseband is another good option for those looking for something unique without going too far outside the box.

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The possibilities truly are endless as long as they go well together, stylistically speaking.

Material-wise, most stones shine the brightest against platinum (especially diamonds). On top of that, it usually matches well with white gold rings too because they’re both easily found in stores and are inexpensive for high quality.

White gold is also popular but tends to discolor over time since it’s not as strong as platinum; this means you’ll want to keep your bands away from lotions, perfumes, chemicals from cleaning supplies, etc.

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Tungsten carbide works great for a metal that doesn’t take much polishing at all because its hardness can handle any task you throw at it.

It might not look as great as silver or gold, but it can certainly last for years without looking dull, scratched, or damaged, which is the true goal of choosing a metal that will look good for many years to come.

However, it might be hard to mix tungsten carbide wedding bands with fine jewelry so bear this in mind if you design a collection.

5. Certain colors go well together

When it comes to color, you can find stacked wedding bands in a variety of colors. But your choice of metal/materials will determine what colors shine through best.

White gold usually looks good with any stone, but platinum tends to show the stones’ true color more than others (and is also more expensive).

Pure silver can look very pale, especially if your stones are gold, copper, or green;

However, mixed metals like white and yellow gold tend to reflect one another, showing off all the different variations possible in one piece of jewelry.

Depending on the style and metal you choose, additional embellishments such as diamonds and gemstones may be added.

But remember that when you pick the stones, they also need to match with one another. If there is too much contrast between colors or metals, it can look unappealing and clash instead of complementing each other in a harmony of styles.

6. Don’t clash in terms of size

Make sure that your rings fit well together and don’t clash in terms of size. If one is small and the other large, then it won’t look right. Even if you like mismatched sizes, be aware that it might create confusion.

7. Shape: modern or traditional?

The shape of the stacking rings is also something you should consider carefully because this will affect how they look and feel together when worn.

For example, if you choose small, pointy, or angular bands, these will look more modern and stylish when worn together.

However, if you have a traditional or vintage style engagement ring, you might prefer to have something rounded.

How to wear stacked wedding rings?

Postioned to highlight the focus

If you stack rings together, keep in mind that your engagement ring is the central focus. It is the most important of the rings and should be placed so to signify that.

The wedding bands can be placed above or below the engagement ring depending on quantity, size and style, but do not place the engagement ring underneath an even number of wedding bands since this would obscure the view of the latter.

It is recommended to wear the wedding band above the engagement ring only if:

  • there are not enough stacked bands to cover the engagement ring up;
  • or you’re going for a mismatched look. In this case, you can stack your engagement ring beneath with however many wedding bands upon it that you want.

Otherwise, it is better to wear the wedding band beneath the engagement ring, especially when there are large, beautiful stones on your engagement ring, as no one wants to see these stones covered up by a number of wedding bands.

Lastly, if you want symmetry, then it sort of seems like the only option is putting your engagement ring in between two stacks of wedding bands.

Final Thoughts

Stacked wedding rings are a beautiful and meaningful way of showing off your love. All you have to do is choose the number of wedding bands you want, what style to stack them in, and whether or not to go for a matching or mismatched look.

Once you have finished your stacked wedding bands, you need to choose a ring size that fits your finger and then make them in the metal of your choice. It might be white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver, and if you are unsure which one you would prefer, it is best to ask a jeweler for advice.

It is also worth mentioning that it can take up to six weeks to complete a set of custom-made stacked rings, so bear this in mind when planning your wedding day.

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