Practical Ways To Prevent Accidents In Your Home

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Your home provides an ideal space to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. While this is usually the case, your house may present potential risks which could lead to several problems. For instance, a recent study mentioned that the home is responsible for nearly 78% of all preventable injury-related deaths annually. Therefore, taking precautionary measures is critical to reduce these risks and make your home safer for everybody. Are you looking to protect lives in your household and avoid expensive damage? Below are four things you can do in your home to help prevent accidents. 


1. Keep your home properly lit 

Adequate lighting is critical for avoiding accidents in your home. Enough lighting in corridors, stairwells, and other walking spaces can reduce the likelihood of falls and other incidents. Be careful to examine your lighting regularly and replace them as needed. Meanwhile, yellow lights are ideal for lounge rooms and dining spaces. You can use white lights as your primary lighting in bedrooms. Also, consider other options like tube lighting, which is excellent for every room due to its affordability and utility savings. Keeping your home well-lit can lessen the likelihood of injuries and keep everyone safe.

2. Hide your chemicals 

This step is even more crucial if you have kids. Pharmaceutical bottles might seem similar, so properly label them all and keep them out of your children’s reach. You should acquire a regular pill box to organize everything if you take many prescriptions. Be certain that your kids do not have access to any hazardous solvents or cleansers. Also, the space under your washbasin could be a minefield of lethal chemicals. Educate your kids on all the hazard signs on the containers, and remember to keep the poison control centre number easily accessible at all times in case of emergencies. 

3. Be wary of electricals

While thinking of ways to prevent accidents in your home, remember to establish some electrical rules and be conscious of electricals. For instance, never plug in too many gadgets simultaneously and always be cautious when connecting to anything. Also, keep appliance wires away from locations that might pose trip risks. Remember to unplug all bathroom appliances when not in use. You may also call your electrician if you notice any home electrical system warning signs to avoid potential troubles early. 

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4. Eliminate slip risks 

Falls are a significant cause of harm in the home, particularly among youngsters and the elderly. According to CDC, 1 in 3 adults over 65 falls annually, resulting in over 2 million trips to the ER. Cover all the windows on your top level, and ensure all stair handrails are solid and in good condition. Wet areas and potential slips are typical on bathroom and kitchen flooring. Therefore, keep them as clean as possible by wiping up any spills as soon as they occur. Also, always use a bath mat to absorb extra water.

Following the few tips above will help you avoid any mishaps in your home. You may also explore other ways to make your home a haven for everybody.

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