What is a salt and pepper diamond? How to buy a salt and pepper diamond?

Salt and pepper diamond

Even though people are continuously looking for something different, the diamond will always hold a classic, timeless appeal. From art-deco or vintage style to tailored, unique looks, we love them all.

Over the last few years, one particular style has been gaining increasing popularity: salt and pepper diamonds.

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

Salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds with black and white inclusions, giving the gemstone a speckled and silky gray appearance.

Inclusions refer to the imperfections found inside the stone, and they could be of any color, size, or shape. Almost all diamonds have inclusions, but they are often tiny.

For salt and pepper diamonds, the inclusions are extensive and visible, affecting the stone’s appearance in a beautiful way. Some have more inclusions than others, and each piece is unique.

What does a salt and pepper diamond look like in real life?

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A speckled and smokey look

When you browse through salt and pepper diamond rings, you will notice that each one of them is distinctively unique. These precious jewelry have a simplistic, wild, and mysterious appearance.

The modern and smokey looks have made them so popular among people who desire to stand out from their peers because diamond does not bow to the status quo.

Some salt and pepper diamond jewelry have more inclusions that give a more speckled appearance. Others can be completely gray, moody or dark.


Although salt and pepper diamonds are eye-catching, they do not sparkle enough because their silky interiors reflect less light. But when these diamonds are under the proper light, they have a mottled appearance.


Salt and pepper diamonds come in various shapes, including kites, triangles, and hexagons. Pear, round and oval-shaped salt and pepper diamonds also look great.

Colors and shades

Some salt and pepper diamond jewelry have more inclusions that give a more speckled appearance. Others can be completely gray, moody or dark.

Moreover, since these diamonds are uaually dark, the color does not match with other shaded diamonds. It is hard to categorize salt and pepper diamonds on the same color scale as yellow, brown, or green gemstones.

While other colored diamonds can be divided into the accompanying nine shading grades like faint, light, fancy dark, and fancy deep, it is challenging to order salt and pepper diamonds in those grades. Instead, you can analyze these diamonds based on how their bodies are influenced by the peppered inclusions, regardless of whether the piece is smooth or obscure.

Inclusions, brilliance and cut

Salt and pepper diamonds have unique inclusions and patterns. With a large number of inclusions, the stone’s brilliance is often reduced. Therefore, cutters select fancy cuts like the rose-cut or step-cut to highlight the salt and pepper diamond inclusions.

One of the most typical cut is the rose-cut. It is a shape with a larger surface area and dates back to the 1500s. The larger surface area helps show off the salt and pepper’s brilliance.

The 4Cs of salt and pepper diamonds

One of the downsides of these diamonds is that the 4Cs criteria of diamond evaluation do not apply. Salt and pepper diamonds have many black and white inclusions that make them peppered, hence difficult to grade.

Even though the 4Cs of cut, color, clarity, and carat are still used as guides in evaluating salt and pepper diamonds, they do not apply entirely to the stones.

Why should you choose salt and pepper diamond jewelry?

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

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Salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, necklaces and wedding bands have become incredibly popular these days.

A salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is now the ideal alternative for a white diamond ring not only because they are more affordable but also because of their uniqueness and personality.

Versatility, too, makes salt and pepper diamond jewelry fit any occasion, and you can easily pair them with other gemstones to create a sophisticated look.

Salt and pepper diamonds are also environmentally friendly, as the mining of these diamonds requires fewer resources and time compared to traditional diamonds. As a result, they are less taxing on the environment, thus ideal for eco-conscious consumers.

Are salt and pepper diamonds durable?

You are probably whether these salt and pepper diamonds are durable or not. Just like other diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are graded 10 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means they are the hardest material in the gem world. In addition, they are impervious to scratches.

This being said, we can conclude that salt and pepper diamonds are definitely durable.

However, the inclusions on salt and pepper diamonds make the pieces weak. When you give the stones a hard blow, they may break or chip due to these inclusions.

Therefore, the durability of salt and pepper diamonds also depends on the quantity and type of inclusions. If you are mounting a salt and pepper diamond on your engagement ring, you should include a protective setting.

What’s more, you should avoid ultrasonic and rough cleaners as they could break the diamond. If you provide proper care to your diamonds, they can last long.

Salt and pepper diamond price

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How much is a salt and pepper diamond? Salt and pepper diamonds are not as rare as the highly sought-after white diamonds; therefore, they are a bit cheaper and tend to cost between $100-$1500 per carat.

Still, salt and pepper diamonds are a variety of diamonds meaning they are precious and rare. They differ from the white diamonds as they come with a smidge more character and are perfect for distinctive engagement rings.

Today, these diamonds are increasingly being demanded, implying that their worth and cost are increasing too.

For individuals with a tight budget, it is actually unnecessary to go into debt for a white diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds will do fine without overstretching your budget. With a salt and paper, you will get a great look just as those adorned with a traditional diamond.

Salt and pepper diamond spiritual meaning

Appropriately, most people who are deeply immersed in the jewelry world agree that imperfections of salt and pepper diamonds represent unconditional love, regardless of one’s flaws or past.

For instance, having a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring may be the best symbol of love. Every couples has a unique love story, and a salt and pepper ring may represent such uniqueness. They come as a statement that your relationship, like humans, is imperfect but is still wonderful and beautiful.

These stones are an exceptional alternative to the conventional white diamonds, and they will indeed set you apart from the rest of the crowds while remaining distinctive and gorgeous.

How to buy salt and pepper diamonds?

As aforementioned, there are no two salt and pepper diamonds that look the same. Consequently, most people find it challenging to select the ideal product. It is better to visit the jewelry store in person to look at the myriad of options available.

Comparing the different stones and trying them on will let you know if it is a good fit. Moreover, you will need to find a store with knowledgeable shop attendants who will explain the diamond’s background, highlight the main characteristics of each stone and recommend salt and pepper diamonds that are in line with your personality and vision.

If you want a tailored piece, the shop representatives should walk you through the entire process, from choosing the ideal stone to selecting the best base material. It is always good to buy salt and pepper diamond rings from a trusted jeweler.

There are specific pieces with large inclusions that may affect the gemstone’s durability. However, a reputable jewelry store will only deal with long-lasting salt and pepper diamonds of excellent quality.

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