What You’ll Need To Start A Film Company Of Your Own

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If you want to start your own film company, there are a number of things you’ll need to arrange first. Of course, this is the same with any kind of company you might start, but when it comes to the media industry the process can be a little more involved than you may expect. After all, your work has to speak for you, and whatever you produce has to carry a kind of value that a worldwide audience should be able to see – now that’s tricky! 

But if you set up the foundation just right and do the legwork right now, your videos, short films and full length movies will have the reach you’ve always been looking for. And to help with that, we’ve listed everything you need to know about putting a production company together below. Keep these points in mind if you’re keen to be the next mold breaking director.

A Catchy Name

Picking the name for your new production company is a good way to gentle yourself into the pool. Not only will you have to pick a name that immediately gets across what you do, but also one that makes sense for the message of your brand as a film company. But above all else, the name needs to stand out and be catchy! 

So keep it short and simple, make sure it’ll stand the test of time, and don’t be afraid to be sentimental or humorous with it either. For example, the production company ‘A24’ is so named due to the road the owner was driving down when he thought of the business idea in the first place! And that’s another point in your favor; if the name is significant to you or your creativity in any way, it’ll have a good story behind it. 

A Genre You’re Passionate About

Now you need to think about what movies you want to make. It’s best to choose a genre out of the gate that you love and work towards establishing yourself as a brand that does that one niche and does it well. Once you’ve carved out that little corner for yourself, you can start branching out into more creative pursuits that bends genre and pushes topics into each other. 

So, are you a rom-com kind of person? Or maybe you prefer action flicks that look cool on any screen? Or maybe you’re more of a horror oriented person, who’s always loved monster movies and getting a thrill from ghostly spooks? No matter what it is you’re into, go down that lane as far as it will take you. This is the genre you already know inside and out, and that means you’ll be able to talk through it with an investor or project client with much more passion and clarity. 

A Good Grasp on Budget Needs

Of course, you’re going to need a good budget behind you if you want to make films of your own. You’ll need money to form the business into a legal entity, find and secure premises, pay the bills, pay for filming and editing equipment, as well as make sure you’ve got enough staff to keep the set going. And we haven’t even considered the talent fees yet! 

But not only will you need to tackle these costs. You’ll also need to focus on marketing yourself; you’re likely going to have to pay to attract projects and offers your way. If you want to build a whole company and not just freelance in your own time, you’re going to need at least $10,000 altogether to get started. 

However, there are ways to cut back. For example, you don’t actually need to buy your own equipment, especially if you’re used to using just your computer and a bit of software to put your home videos together. You can instead choose to rent ipads and other essential tech like camera rigs and pods to get your production moving in quick time. It often works out a lot cheaper than needing to constantly maintain and update your own tech! 

A Team Who Knows What They’re Doing

Once you’ve got the budget squared away, you can start looking into hiring for your company. It’s best to save the talent acquisition until you know what you’re capable of providing in regards to your payroll! And trust us, you’re going to need plenty of hands on deck, depending on what skills you bring to the table. 

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Sure, you can learn a thing or two along the way about filming, editing, timing, and distributing, but how will these gaps help you 

now? They won’t! You need a boost and the only way to get it is by hiring those in the know. So put some feelers out, get a job advert on the market, and don’t turn away a single reply – it’s always best to feel someone out face to face within the interview room. 

A Solid Plan for Distributing Your Films

If you’re not planning to be a distributor on your own, you’re going to have to find another company to do it for you. Don’t worry – there are thousands of distributing companies out there and you’ve just got to sign up to one that truly understands your vision. Although, this can be easier said than done. 

Start by getting online; track down emails and profiles and get in touch with the right people. But if you’re feeling brave, you can also submit your films to events and festivals. Getting your work out in front of the right eyes at the right time is rare, but it’s a surefire way to success. 

Starting a film company of your own might be one of the hardest things to do. However, if you’re passionate about film making and have ideas that the world could love, the process is more than worth it. Use the tips above to get your name out there and start making movies that are fit for the big screen! 

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