Ten Reasons why you Should Go for Business Blank Checks Over Pre-printed Checks.

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You might think of blank checks as a throwback to the pre-digital age, but they still have their place in the modern business world. And with today’s technology, blank checks can be more convenient and perhaps more secure than pre-printed checks for many small businesses.

What is a blank check?

Blank checks, for those who aren’t familiar with them, are simply checks that aren’t pre-printed with your name, bank account information, etc. They’re also available in various designs and colors(green marble and blue marble, among others), which is why we love them so much. Some banks also offer check-ordering software to help you create checks and track payment history.

Reasons why you should go for blank checks over pre-printed checks.

If you need checks(payroll checks, stock checks, business checks, blank laser checks, etc.) but aren’t in the market to order them, you can always get blank checks and print your own. Here are ten reasons you should go for blank checks over pre-printed personal checks.

High level of customization

The first and most obvious advantage to business blank checks is that they offer a high level of customization. There is no limit to what you can do with these checks, which means you can customize them to fit your exact specifications. With pre-printed checks, on the other hand, you are pretty much stuck with whatever design has been pre-selected. There is nothing inherently wrong with these pre-printed laser business checks, and they do offer a great deal of value, but they don’t offer the same degree of flexibility as blank checks. You receive various designs when you order blue marble business checks from Carousel Checks and other vendors. Some designs are generic, and others are unique to your business, so you can get creative with your check design. Find out more here!


If you keep pre-printed checks in your drawer/store, then there’s no more room for any more checks. But with blank checks, there is always room for new ones because you can print on any size of check paper you like. Plus, with blank checks, if the recipient needs change, all they have to do is fill out a portion of the check and give it back to you.

More fun than pre-printed checks

What’s even more important, if you try to add some fun to your routine, there is a good chance that you will retain the habit of writing checks. So, blank checks rather than pre-printed checks will make you write checks more often, which is the first step in building a regular payment habit.

Better for the environment

Blank checks are designed with the environment in mind because you’ll be able to print off only the checks you need when you need them. Pre-printed checks come with a lot of paper waste since you can’t use the same checks for recurring payments. This means that more of those blank checks will be used, and less blank check paper will be wasted.

More discreet than pre-printed checks.

The check is plain white or cream, with no detail whatsoever. This means that nobody can see exactly how much money is in that check, so they will not be tempted to steal or tamper with it. Thanks to this feature, there is a significantly lower chance of the check being stolen or lost by accident.


As we all know, blank checks are best for those who want to save their own handwriting styles on the check. A blank check is good for you if you have a special way of writing or don’t like writing in a pre-printed check. Furthermore, a blank check is more convenient than a pre-printed check because you can fill in your check numbers, payee name, and address.

You get to control the message

Yes, you want to make it easy for your recipient to deposit that check in their bank account, and yes, you want them to do so. However, you also want to say something to your customer that makes them feel great about doing business with you and reminds them why they did business with you in the first place.

Hint: the pre-printed, sometimes generic, message provided by most companies with pre-printed checks might not be the ideal message for your business.

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Save money

Pre-printed business checks are often more expensive, especially if you want your logo and address. The logo, address, and other information on blank business checks are up to you, so it is entirely up to you whether you want it or how much information you want to be featured on the check. You can also print generic business blank checks that don’t say anything about your business. This way, if you ever hand the check over to someone other than the intended payee, it will still be legal tender and acceptable. When you factor in the cost of ordering new supplies every time you run out of pre-printed checks, it’s easy to see how going with a business blank check can be more cost-effective.

Keep personal spending in check

No matter how careful you are about balancing your checkbook, it’s easy to make a mistake or underestimate how much money you have on hand. Blank checks can help ensure that your cash flow and payroll don’t get out of whack.

Print on Demand

Most online check printing companies offer same-day shipping. With pre-printed personal checks, you’re stuck with the order you’ve placed from the bank. In other words, you can’t print out more checks as your business needs grow. On the other hand, the sky’s the limit with blank checks. You can print out as many blank checks as you need.

High security than pre-printed checks

Blank checks can be more secure than pre-printed checks. Pre-printed checks, which show up in your checkbook before you’ve even written a check, aren’t foolproof at stopping check fraud. For one thing, it’s possible to photocopy a pre-printed check. But more importantly, a criminal can also use a fraudulent pre-printed check because it might not raise any red flags with your bank. While the check may look genuine and is drawn on your account, the routing number could be incorrect, and the bank may not recognize it as being written by you. Blank checks do not have any of these risks, which is why they have been around since 1842! They’re a great option when it comes to extra security features.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are many advantages to using blank business checks over pre-printed ones. From greater flexibility and customization options to lower costs and increased security, blank business checks provide many benefits for businesses of all sizes!

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