7 Twitter Hashtag Research Tools for Marketers 

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Don’t know which hashtags to use? Check out these tools. They provide you with the best analytics and important metrics. On a side note, people often use services to buy Twitter followers. Only do so from the best sites to buy Twitter followers. Anyways, enjoy the list.


If you have never used any research tool because they seem complicated then you should give RiteTag a try. It is a tool that is quite easy to use and you can get some good value out of it. You provide the tool with any text or image and it will suggest hashtags based on it. It uses real-time hashtag engagement to figure out the best suggestions for users. You can even install a Chrome extension and you will have the power of the tool in just a right-click. It is not a free tool. The price is based on the number of queries.


Yeah, if you want to do some hashtag research then you can use Twitter as well. This should be your first option when trying to get more ideas about any search term or keyword. Twitter has a lot of data and it often presents the data in a way that is useful to users. So, use it to get more info on relevant hashtags you are planning to use for your tweet. People buy Twitter followers to boost credibility. This is because Twitter has a huge reach. So, if you want more info on certain keywords and hashtags you should use Twitter to help you out. The best thing is that it is completely free. You may have to put some research effort into it though.


TweetArchivist is a tool that crunches a huge volume of data so that users can get meaningful information out of them. It is a simple site that you can use to get a better idea of the hashtags you are planning to include in your tweets. There are several benefits to using a site like this. You always have a tool at hand that you can use to do some research whenever you want to optimize your tweets. When you enter a search term and hit the search button the site accumulates the relevant data from Twitter for that day and provides you with important info. TweetArchivist has both free and paid versions.


One of the best hashtag research tools for starters is Hashtagify. Many Twitter marketers and users use this tool to better optimize their hashtag usage. The UI of the tool is very user-friendly. This makes the site easy to use and understand. Using the tool you can find hashtags that you can use. There are some essential metrics like the popularity of a hashtag over a certain duration. The information is displayed comprehensively and visually which makes it easier to infer the conclusions. You can try the tool for free but there are paid packages with all the essential features.


Keyhole is not just a hashtag research tool. It is rather a suite of tools for marketers to use. The services it offers make it very easy to compile social media reports in comprehensive ways. Using the tool makes it easier to track and analyze hashtags. The tool has a lot of data and it uses it to provide you with relevant info on the hashtags you are looking to analyze. The hashtag research features work for all the popular social media networks. You will only need one dashboard to get all the info. There is a free trial version of the app. You need not provide your credit card info.

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TrendsMap is a social media marketing tool for businesses. Doesn’t matter whether you have a global reach or a local one you can use TrendsMap specific to your use case. So, if you rely on local people to buy your products and services use TrendsMap for local analysis. Many businesses look for the best sites to buy Twitter followers. One of the best sites for social media research is TrendsMap. It is a very powerful tool. You have to pay for a package to enjoy the essential features to help your business grow.


Let’s end the list with a nice tool for people who don’t have a huge budget. SocialAlert is a tool that lets you analyze Twitter data. The free version of the tool is available once you start the trial period. You can use the tool during that time with limited but essential features to get a good idea of how useful the tool is. You get sentiment analysis, hashtag analysis, historical data etc. Once you use the tool you will want to use the paid version since there are so many useful features.

So, that was our list of the best Twitter hashtag research tools. We suggest you check out all of them and contact customer support if you have queries. There are many strategies to grow on social media platforms and if you want to buy Twitter followers only buy them from the best sites to buy Twitter followers. We hope our list provides you with good options. All the best!

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