Best 10 Blockchain Stocks For Investors To Buy

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The blockchain started out as a platform that existed simply for people to exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after online purchases. The technology is still extremely young, especially when it comes to the general public. Even for the most ardent tech enthusiasts, it’s less than two decades old.

Many investors see this as a great reason to assume that many cryptocurrencies are a valid and profitable investment going into the future. On top of this, NFTs and NFT-based projects based on the Blockchain like gaming, metaverse applications, and more are looked on favorably even by traditional investment professionals. Some of the biggest companies and banks in the world are invested in crypto in some way.

What about traditional stocks? These new technologies are sure to have an effect on the NYSE stock of any company that utilizes the metaverse, NFTs, or WEb 3.0 as part of its services. And by investing in SoFI’s app, you can trade both traditional stocks and crypto, making it easier for investors to diversify their portfolios. Here are some traditional stocks to keep an eye on down the road if you are interested in investing in the blockchain space.


Coinbase is one of, if not the most well-known name in the world of crypto. This is because it is the most-used platform on Earth when it comes to trading the asset. At first, Coinbase only sold the most popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It has since expanded to include over 10,000 digital assets on the platform.

Currently, Coinbase also has 89 million users worldwide. This has caused some of the biggest hedge funds to invest in it, most notable ARK Investment Management. Almost 5% of this hedge fund’s total holdings are in Coinbase to the tune of over $1.3 billion. It would take a lot for Coinbase to stop being such a dominant force in cryptocurrency.

Advanced Micro Devices

One of the few physical things you need to run the blockchain are processors and graphics processing units. Both of these essential devices are made by Advanced Micro Devices. Why is this company regarded so highly when it comes to these devices? It’s because AMD has the most advanced technology in the industry, so the blockchain runs cleaner and faster than with the devices made by other companies.

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This is probably a good reason that the company reported record earnings in the last financial quarter of 2021. Some of the most powerful blockchains in the world are powered using this company’s devices. The future is bright for hedge funds and retail investors that have AMD.


On top of credit cards being a great investment, Mastercard is primed to be a great choice for blockchain investors. It is the first credit card company to use its own API to create a blockchain that secures B2B payments, credit card transactions, and financial transactions. Because the company already has a wide user base and trust, its use of this Blockchain technology should only increase. The company is working to use the Blockchain to make transactions faster and more secure than ever before. The company’s smartest move so far is partnering with Coinbase to make it possible to purchase NFTs and other crypto assets using their Mastercard, whether it is a debit or credit card.

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