What is bohemian jewelry and where to shop the most beautiful collection?

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In recent years’ fashion industry, bohemianism including bohemian clothing and bohemian jewelry represents an unprecedented romanticization and liberalization.

Complicated colors and designs bring a strong visual impact and a mysterious atmosphere, which in fact presents diversity faced with minimalism in the past two years.

What does bohemianism represent?

Bohemia is located in the west of Czechoslovakia, originally part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is a multi-ethnic tribe, where the Gypsies gather. Nowadays, when talking about this concept, people rarely think of the Bohemians who live Czechoslovakia.

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It is now a symbol of a nomadic, free, unruly, and decadent lifestyle.

The Bohemians formed their own philosophy of life on the journey of pursuing freedom. It is now a symbol of a nomadic, free, unruly, and decadent lifestyle, which has become an unattainable dream in the minds of busy urban citizens.

Bohemianism means a mentality in which you can live and work at will without being subject to the tradition, a community where you can achieve spiritual freedom.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, bohemian communities emerged in many cities: Schwabing in Munich, Germany, Montmartre and Montparnasse in Paris, France, Greenwich Village in New York City, , North Beach and later Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco , Chelsea and Fitzrovia of London, UK. Modern Bohemian communities include Dali in China, Chiang Rai in Thailand, Kathmandu in Nepal, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Love and peace

In the 1960s and 1970s, a Bohemian way of dressing and behaving was widely popular among “anti-cultural” groups. Whether it is the desire to rebel or the yearning for “love and peace”, most people in the city who dream of a bohemian life of wandering and indulging will not do it anyway. Therefore they turn to look for indulgence in fashion.

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Source: A rich bohemian style by WMagazine.

What is bohemian style?

1. Bright handmade decorations and thick and heavy fabrics

Bohemian style retains the characteristics of nomadic people. It is characterized by bright handmade decorations and thick and heavy fabrics. Laminated lace, batik prints, leather tassels, handmade string knots, embroidery and bead strings are all classic elements of the Bohemian style.

2. Obscure, dull and complicated colors

It promotes freedom and rebellious spirits, and with complicated colors the bohemian style give us a strong visual impact. Regarding colors, Bohemian-style dressing in general is close to Picasso’s obscure and abstract paintings or mottled medieval religious oil works.

Gray, dark blue, black, scarlet, orange, rose, and the popular “rose gray” are the basic colors of this style. Those who don’t have confidence will be drowned in the layers of colors and illusions.

Bohemianiam not only symbolizes tassels, pleats, and long dresses, but also is synonymous with freedom and passion. It is a revolution.

3. Loose, minority, embroidered, layered

In general, Eastern European, German, Gypsy, Mexican as well as loose, minority, dull, embroidered, layered, and finally able to make the wearer look a little drunk and distracted: the bohemian style is by no means limited to the bohemian region, its scope is much larger than we thought.

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Source: Serpent Bohème Collection by Boucheron.

Characteristics of boho jewelry

Bohemian style jewelry is originated from ancient clothing, jewelry, hangings, ornaments. In today’s consumer trend where luxury is becoming more and more prevalent, bohemian jewelry has always maintained its own style and influence.

Bohemian jewelry is authentic and original handicraft. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted, perfectly interpreting its mysterious, romantic, natural and spontaneous style.

Bohemian jewelry has unique characteristics. It is famous for using various knots, feathers, beads and raw stones to show a natural, rustic and complicated style.

In addition, another characteristic of bohemian style jewelry is the vivid colors.

In a society full of pressure and mainstream views, we are filled with the desire for freedom and the pursuit of artful living.

Against the rules and regulations, advocating nature, emphasising mix and match are the essence of bohemian style. So, you really don’t want to have a piece of bohemian jewelry?

How to wear bohemian jewelry?

There are also bohemian jewelry that must be mentioned. To be an authentic bohemian girl, you’d better not ignore any parts of the body that can wear jewelry, the wrist, ankle, neck, waist, and ears and fingertips.

If someone else wears one string, you wear three; if someone else wears thin, you hang it thick.

Over the past two years, insanely popular Tibetan ornaments have been regarded as treasures by Bohemian girls. Blackened silverware, natural or dyed stones, even if they are heavy and expensive, are all put on the body.

When walking, be sure to make a lingering sound all over your body; when lighting cigarettes or holding a beer, be sure to let the chains hang long and thick.

Wearing silver jewelry with ethnic colors can make your style prominent and conspicuous.

In addition, when everyone else is displaying layered lace, batik prints, leather tassels, handmade string knots, embroidery and bead strings, don’t forget that silver ornaments are also classic elements of bohemian style.

Let’s shop bohemian jewelry: For artistic and unique women like you

Jewelry with a natural and pure touch is also an excellent choice for many women. Colored felt balls, exquisite mini beads, huge wooden rings and beads, copper wire rings wrapped with metals, etc..

All these unique jewelry pieces add an artistic flavor to the overall ensemble and bring out the image of an intellectual woman.

Check below to see a collection of hand picked bohemian jewelry, including (long) boho necklaces and boho earrings. Some are handmade bohemian jewelry.


Women’s Cleo Hoop Earrings



Cruz Coin Drop Hoop Earrings



Apatite Gold Gypsy Earrings by Satya Jewelry



Turquoise Hamsa and Lotus Triple Chain Necklace by Satya Jewelry



Multi-Colored Layered Necklace by Catherine Malandrino



Weave and Sew Multi Woven Heart Illusion Necklace by Betsey Johnson


This chic blend of romantic boho style and unique handmade jewelry has become a face that embodies bold femininity and strength.

Combination of multiple colors and new silhouettes is made to complement the wearer’s personal style, offering a look that is timeless, classic, and suitable for women of all ages.


Adjustable Layered Shell Necklace by Bright Moon



Lolite Drop Earrings in 18kt Gold Over Sterling by Ross-Simons



Amethyst Earrings in 18kt Gold Over Sterling Silver by Ross-Simons



Women’s Saffron Earring by Sorrelli



Chandelier Earrings by Miguel Ases



Multicolored Pearl and Gemstone Torsade Necklace by Ross-Simons



Italian Floral Murano Glass Bead Necklace by Ross-Simons


Is bohemian jewelry suitable for me?

If you have always considered yourself as a person who does not follow fashion trends blindly and likes to dress yourself according to your own preferences, while not willing to change yourself according to the mainstream ideas. Then bohemian style is for you.

In other words, putting aside patterns, colors, matching, aesthetics, what is the essence of bohemian style? It is the unrestrained attitude, the pursuit of happiness and freedom, the disdain for fate, the courage to live in the world without fear, right? If you are such a person, then you must be suitable for bohemian jewelry.

Where else can you shop bohemian jewelry?

There are many places where you can shop bohemian jewelry. But since boho jewelry is best valued when they are hand crafted, we recommend that you search Amazon or Etsy, as there exist plainty of independent artists and designers who are keen on making the best boho jewelry while living a free and wild life.

What do you think?

Bohemianism is synonymous with romance and freedom. Those who love bohemian style seem to have a unique artist taste and eager to break away from the traditional lifestyle. This free and rebellious spirit of bohemianism has fascinated countless people.

Nowadays, an increasing number of us begin to pursue this bohemian style and want to integrate it into clothing, jewelry, home decoration and even weddings.

With just a few simple elements, it expresses a strong style, personality and opinion. It is often the most direct portrayal of the wearer’s character. Those who love this romantic boho style must have a ruthless soul that is in pursuit of freedom.

Conclusion on bohemian jewelry

Thank you for reading this article on bohemian jewelry, feel free to share your thoughts below or check other articles on jewelry that we have published.

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