5 Ways To Use Technology To Bring Your Online Luxury Products To Life

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The luxury product market is more than just an intriguing one. The psychology that goes into developing a brand at the highest level of consumerism is simpler than you might think. Move over Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – it’s time for Gucci’s hierarchy of wants.

It is predicted that by 2025, 30% of all global luxury sales will take place online. The most important part of being a luxury brand is attracting attention. More than ever before, luxury brands are competing in a market that is saturated by brands trying to get attention.

So, how do your luxury products compare to your online competitors?

Below are five ways to use technology to make your online luxury products stand out and get attention for all the right reasons.


If you have a luxury brand, chances are you can thank the 1980s for being the decade of excess. Big hair and oversized shoulder pads were just as fashionable as the big jewellery was. TVs were dominated by Dallas and Dynasty and pretty much everyone dreamed of one day owning a yacht.

Those that could, did – and those that couldn’t, well they bought brand-named clothing. The lifestyle you portray online needs to create the illusion of luxury living for the working class and the wealthy – it needs to look like every other weekend.

Sipping champagne and flying on private jets are fairly common themes, so work those in and you can’t go wrong.

Embrace Consumption

As wealthy shoppers change with the times, the one thing that remains a constant for most of them is the art of consumption. It isn’t enough to own the luxury item; it has to be overtly viewable.

Think of shopping bags emblazoned with bold logos, leaving nothing to the public’s imagination. Everyone knows you shop there; your bag says it all. Don’t lose that just because you are online-based – packaging is everything in the luxury retail market. Spending money is like burning piles of cash in front of your friends, family, and followers. How more convincing can you be that you’ve got money to spare?

Perfect Images

For your online luxury products to sell, your product images need to be pure perfection. They need to be crisp, clear, and so detailed that you can practically feel the luxury through the screen.

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Use a recommendable background remover app to ensure your luxury products are on a pedestal and displayed in the best way possible. The less competition your product has in the image, the better.

360 Degree Views

Luxury items, by their very nature, do not come cheap. That is why they are exclusive. 

It isn’t just about the name; your goods need to be good quality and scream luxury and opulence. Ensure that your product’s images are taken in a 360-degree view so your customer can see every gorgeous part of it in realistic near-perfect detail.

Future of Marketing

Think ahead – 5 to 10 years from now. Your product will be marketed and advertised with touch, scent, and sound to go with those stunning images. Your consumers will be able to fully immerse themselves in your brand experience and get to know it first-hand.

Keep your brand open to the technology when it arrives. By then, the market will be 90% online only – or even totally online; only time will tell.

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